Slave of Satan

Mia La Nia

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,,I believe your father told you to help me feel welcomed, didn't he?’’ I nodded and didn't dare to look at him, because he scares the sh!t out of me!
,,Answer! Now!’’ He screamed and I literally jumped...his voice so demanding and powerful.
,,Y-yyess...ssir..’’ I managed to squeeze some words out of myself, scared to death.
,,Perfect! Now you will call me Master from now on and answer every time I approach you...Yes Master. Is that clear.’’ He was so dominating and even when I was scared something pulled me to some force.
,,Y-yes Master.’’ At this point I don't even know what's going on.
,,Kneel little demon!’’

This is story about me REDDESITH, but everybody calls me just Redd.
I'm the daughter of Hades and Lillith. Half God and Half Demon or Succubus if you want. When I was small, like really small around 3 years old, my father made deal with Satan.
Now I'm sixteen and bound to be his slave...


Tags: possessiveforcedsadisticdominantsubmissivetwistedslaverydemonabusevirgin
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My main storyline is built on the fact that SATAN, thirteen years ago made a deal with HADES, who was banished from earth and heaven by his two brothers ZEUS AND POSEIDON into the HELL.

Why he was banished is now irrelevant, the main focus is that he was struggling and met really lovely creature in the center of hell...her name was……

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