Heiress’ Resonance


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Cassandra Madeleine is given a chance to live again. She thought that everything is simple until she came back to where she really belong and started to know the truth slowly about her true identity. And now, she must fight for everything that really belongs to her in the first place...even his first love who is the sole reason of her death.


Tags: revengereincarnation/transmigrationgoodgirlbraveheir/heiressdramatwistedbxgbisexualrealistic earth
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Kabanata 104: Danger

Umupo na sa tabi ko si Ate kaya inopen ko ang laptop sabay insert ng flash drive.

"What is that?" tanong niya pa sa akin kaya napatingin ako sa kaniya.

"It's the cctv footage noong namatay si Aidan, it shows the face of Carmelita and his men," sagot ko naman sa kaniya.

Nagtaka naman ako kung bakit ang taga……

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