Living with My Ruthless Ex-Husband (ENGLISH)

Mariya Mercedes

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What will you do if you need to live with your annoying, cold-hearted, and ego-centric ex-husband?

Lucas failed to tell her grandmother about his divorce. She's now going back to the Philippines because her health is not doing well. He doesn't have any choice but to asked her ex-wife to live with him again and pretend to be married in front of his grandmother.

Let's all join Garrie and Lucas on their journey of finding the real meaning of love and marriage.


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"We've been here for a couple of hours, Lucas!" Hunter complained. "Until when are you going to watch your ex-wife from afar? Why don't you just go there and talk to her?" he added.

He has been complaining nonstop since we arrived here. I was watching her from afar since we got divorced. I don't know why I did that. It's true t……

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