Beautiful and Better (ENGLISH)


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“Do you even love me?” he scoffed at my questions.

Matt looked at me from head to toe and smirked. “Love? Why is there something interesting about you? You’re fat, Tally. A big fat woman who looks like a whale, and you expect me to love you? Huh! Dream on!” He snorted as if his words slapped me right through my face.

The perfect life she thought she had came crushing down on her one after another that she found her life turned upside down overnight.

Now, she's back, beautiful and better.

And she's out for her sweet revenge.


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Forty Six

I spend my entire day catching up with my brother—a never-ending chit-chat for us. And the whole time, I realize why family is important. Aside from being your last resort on everything and the only people you can count on a time like this. They are the only people who will accept you for who you are and what you are.

People around……

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