SOLS #1: Rain


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Apat na babaeng magkakamukha subalit magkakaiba ang kanilang katangiang taglay.

Iisa ang pinagmulan ngunit iba't ibang daan ang patutunguhan.

Can she escape from hurtful past? Griefs and heartbreaks. Will it cause a rain to become a fearsome storm? Or she will let the rain pours and just wait for it to stop?

Cold to cold. His rules to her words. Would their unusual meet up is the beginning of their unusual love story?

She owned the name that shows how beautiful to let go of things. Can she make to see it too? Or still, she will stop the faded leaves from falling?

Can she fall on a man who did nothing but to buzzed around and ruined her day? Her harsh words against his sweet jokes. They met in the midst of summer-the mean and the easygoing.

Seasons of Love Series #1


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Chapter Five


"Hindi ba masarap ang pagkain? Sorry. Ito lang kasi ang pinakamalapit na restaurant sa school. Hindi ko na nacheck ung rate. I was in rush."

Umiling ako. "No. Okay lang naman ung pagkain. I'm just wondering...why we need to eat here when there's a cafeteria in school."

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