""""How to annoyed your husband""

Kris JC

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entertaining, darkly funny with humanity at its heart.


Does a wife vow to love, hoover and obey? It is scientifically proven that no woman has ever shot her husband whilst he was vacuuming.Hunbands says they would like to help more around the house,only they can't multi-task.But would they have trouble multitasking at, say, an orgy? Jhelsy,stay at home mum; Hazel, childless career woman and Kerstin, demented working mother, are three ordinary women.thier record collections are classical,not criminal.But when Jhelsy is arrested for her husband's murder, they set out to prove her innocence uncovering betrayal, adultery, thinner thighs and toy boys a plenty en route.

Sexy funny and wise,
irresistible my new Kerstin CC, novel will strike a chord with women everywhere and ensure that,from now on we all red the small printing our marriage licences.


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How to annoyed your husband

I was a thirty-six year's mother of two when I lost my orgasm. How can you lose an orgasm,you may ask. What is it, a Sock? is it in some sexaul laundry basket waiting to be paired so it can become a multiple orgasm?People often lose things.thiers tempers.their some humour. their figures,(do the words control top panty hose mean any……

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