The Badass Billionaire

Jen Lyn

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*DARIUS MAURITIUS—multi millionaire at the age of twenty-nine. His goal is to become a billionaire at the age of thirty-five. He has a look, good physique and good charm. He has a strong personality, very intimidating and bossy. He owns the chain of restaurants and resorts mostly at the North part of the country. He owns one of the leading financial firm in the Philippines, holding various account from different international businesses. He can bed every woman he likes including Kendra. But, Kendra is no ordinary woman. He was thrilled to bring her into his bed. He has a little sister, Dania who happens to be his current girlfriend's best friend.

*ANITHA KENDRA SINGSON—twenty-two years of age, young and sheltered. She is the daughter of a former city mayor of Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur. Her dad was one of the mayor who've been accused of corruption by his previous political rival. Because of that, her princess life fall apart. She decided to move to Manila to work and leave the public who used to be their supporters and friends. She'll be meeting Darius the badass CEO of the company she gonna work as an accountant.

Sa pagtatagpo nila. Gagawin ang lahat para makuha ang babae. Handang i-blackmail para lang mapasakaniya ito.


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Chapter 1:


"Good morning sir. Do you want some coffee?" maarteng tanong ng kaniyang sekretarya. Napamulsa siyang tumitig rito. Iba tuloy ang naglalaro sa isip niya.

"Yes please," sagot rito saka tumuloy sa kaniyang mesa.

Muling tinignan ang papalayong sekretarya. Bata pa ito sa edad na bente-singko pero may……

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