Dominant Intimacy

Sweety Shah

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Aman Verma is a well known business tycoon who is known for his arrogant, dominant, manipulative and ruthless attitude. He always gets what he desires for, either by hook or by crook. He never cares for good or bad deeds, the only thing he cares for, is result …
When his gaze falls on Priya, he sees his oblivion in her, but finds out that she is already engage and about to marry in a week…
Find out, how he made her his within 48 hours. And not just that’s it’ he is determined to make her his in all possible ways whether it is physically, mentally or spiritually. He is determined to get her complete submission to him.


Tags: darkpossessive
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At the Party

At the party Priya is sitting with Ronak….. and their families are sitting on separate tables.

Aman is sitting with Rashi and his PA.

Aman is talking on his phone and accidentally his gaze falls on Priya, who is talking with her companion there.

Aman is just staring at her’ like he got hypnotized’, even the other person on his ……

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