Senator Sugar Daddy

Matilda Martel

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I didn't want to attend Ole Miss like mama, my aunts and granny before me, I had big dreams of moving away from Louisiana and decided to attend Georgetown University in Washington DC instead. 

Knowing I was a bit boy crazy, Daddy asked his oldest friend, Senator Elias Barnett to check in on me and make sure I was okay- I told him I was fine, but he insisted.

Not having seen the good Senator, longtime divorced and filthy rich, for more than five years, I was taken by surprise. I felt an instant connection and intensely aroused by how tall, handsome and fit he looked in his tailored suit. He was nothing like the boys from high school! In fact, he was so charming, he charmed me right out of my virginity on our first night out.

But what should have been a one-night stand became a fast obsession for both of us when the sex was so wild and amazing he kept tempting me to give him more. 

Although I've tried to be a good girl, he convinced me to live with him as his secret girlfriend, showering me with money and jewelry in exchange for sex five times a week, but I gladly gave it to him every day. He was spectacular!

The problem is after two years, things have gotten way too serious. I’m addicted to him, the sex, his body and possibly a little in love. Daddy will never allow us to be together, so I've started planning my escape. Little do I know my sweet Elias is on to me and has no plans to let me go!

Warning: This 7,000 word e-story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between an older man and an eighteen-year woman. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.
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First things first, I decided I would be the one to tell my parents. I knew them far better then Elias and knew how they would take news that their daughter was marrying a man 27 years her senior. Honestly, that’s completely untrue. Who could possibly be prepared for that? If he’d been some billionaire Senator they’d neve……

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