Wildfire at Larch Creek

M. L. Buchman

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-a Firehawks Smokejumpers romance-

Tim Harada, a lead smokejumper at MHA in Oregon, visits home — the quirky little town of Larch Creek, Alaska. The streets are named for Jack London books, the pickup trucks are all blue, and the residents are all too familiar. One in particular.

Macy Tyler, helicopter pilot. Tim still sees her as his best friend’s kid sister. Before he leaves again, she must convince the guy she’s loved all her life that during his absence she transformed herself into a beautiful, competent woman.

Together they must fight the past and the Alaskan wildfires to create their future after the Wildfire at Larch Creek.


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Wildfire on the Skagit (excerpt)

Wildfire on the Skagit (excerpt)

“Guard your reserves!” The spotter shouted after he’d clambered from the cockpit, over all of the smokejumpers, and finally reached the back door of the roaring DC-3 jump plane.

Krista Thorson slapped her hand over her reserve parachute to make sure it didn’t accidentally deploy w……

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