Goodbye, Daisy Brown

Missy Haze

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Todo Copas is an average sleuth, who takes on closed and cold cases. He is contacted by Edna to follow up on the case of Daisy Brown, her cousin who committed suicide, one year ago. Needing closure she asks him to assist her. Todo is reluctant and follows up on the case to contact Detective Rivers who was in charge of the case. Todo hears the detective’s story and has conflicting feelings from what the detective told me. He then reads and follows up on the testimony of each of Daisy’s old friends: Moya, Anthony, Beth and Giles.

As he gets more engrossed into the case, Todo begins to see that each each friend has a conflicting testimony apart from what they said in the original testimony. He begins to wonder if it's he said, she said, but mysterious things begin to happen, for the friends are more closely related to Daisy’s case. Todo now has to piece together the case, for he thought it was closed, but as he comes upon these people, he finds himself wondering about Daisy Brown. Todo begins to encounter that each friend has a different view point and a murder ensues, for its no longer a closed case, because someone is murdered behind him investigating them. Each friend said goodbye to Daisy, but there is never a goodbye when a murder mystery enthralls a stranger to seek out who is the killer  to Daisy Brown.


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Chapter Five-3

“I think he needs some more time to process everything, Doris. He’ll call you, but don’t worry it won’t be too long before he will return to the diner.” Rai took her hand and began to lead her to the door.

Doris nodded then glanced back at Todo. “I’m always concerned about you, Toro. You can’t take so many risks in life without giving some……

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