In the Clinch: A Kira Brightwell Novel

Jacquelyn Smith

620 reads

Kira Brightwell never thought it would come to this. She had gotten so close to making some real headway in the Procurer case...

Until he pulled the rug out from under her.

Almost every tie to Kira’s support system has been systematically severed—her family, her friends... She has sacrificed everything in her hunt for the man who abducted her. And now an old enemy is determined to kick her while she’s down.

A single question remains.

How much more does she want to lose?

A gripping crime novel and the fifth book in the Kira Brightwell series by Writers’ Journal winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.


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Chapter 62


Kira blinked. Her surroundings encroached on her unsettling memories. Suddenly, she was back in the wine cellar of Xavier Water’s estate, standing over a bound Simon Reid. She forced her wavering legs to remain steady.

She saw a brief flicker pass behind his pale eyes, accompanied by a glimmer of amusement. It happened so q……

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