Split Decision: A Kira Brightwell Novel

Jacquelyn Smith

290 reads

Kira Brightwell was just a normal college graduate—until she escaped her own abduction and rescued seven other women in the process.

Three years later, Kira lives on her own terms. She trains in MMA, and works as the assistant of her best friend and white-hat hacker, Rob.

For once, Kira feels in control. Or at least she does until a familiar figure from her past turns everything upside down, and puts her back in the crosshairs when another life is at stake...

She should have known better.

A fast-paced crime novel and the first book in the Kira Brightwell series by Writers’ Journal winning author, Jacquelyn Smith (writing as Kat Irwin).


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Chapter 29


Kira pulled her car into her regular parking space on the side of the street in front of her apartment. She took a moment to collect herself before getting out. She had been gone for four days. In that time, she had spent hours in quiet solitude between lengthy phone calls with her mother, reassuring chats with her grandfather, a……

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