Soul Seeker Lasniniar Collection

Jacquelyn Smith

680 reads

Iarion has spent millennia wandering Lasniniar.

Doomed to be set apart from other elves, he is driven to find the missing connection to his destiny—which ends up shaping the fate of the world around him.

This fast-paced, epic fantasy collection contains one novel and two short stories for both new and regular readers of the World of Lasniniar series by Writers’ Journal winning author, Jacquelyn Smith: Soul Seeker, Trial By Fire, and The Wild Side. Soul Seeker is the third novel in the series. All adventures in this collection take place between Kinslayer and Storm Rider.


Tags: adventureheavynon-hunman lead
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Design Credits

Design Credits

Original cover concept for Soul Seeker by Robin Ludwig Design Inc.

Cover design by Jacquelyn Smith

‘Fire smoke’ ID 12577166 © Akv2006 |

‘Dreamland. Gothic, amazing’ ID 8022601 © Leeloomultipass |

‘Wood elf’ ID 538571 © Ralf Kraft |

‘Parchment B……

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