Void Walker: A Novel of Lasniniar

Jacquelyn Smith

330 reads

Iarion knows something is wrong.

Yes, the Unborn are still hunting him, aided by their human worshipers, and even some of the elves. But something else is nagging at him—a strange sense of loss he can’t put his finger on.

...Until he realizes his best friend Barlo has disappeared from the face of Lasniniar, leaving no memory of the dwarf’s existence behind.

Iarion knows who must be responsible, and where he must go.

...Beyond the Void and into the realm of the Unborn.

A fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure of elves, dwarves, and magic, and the seventh novel in the World of Lasniniar series by Writers’ Journal winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.


Tags: adventureheavynon-hunman lead
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