Game Plan: A Kira Brightwell Novel

Jacquelyn Smith

330 reads

Kira Brightwell knows the best defense is a good offense—whether facing an opponent in the cage, or chasing down a criminal on a case.

Four years after her abduction escape, Kira has finally uncovered a tenuous link to the Procurer’s past—one that seems to raise more questions than answers. But the abductor for hire stopped underestimating her a long time ago, and Kira knows she is being watched.

How far will she go to slip his leash?

...And what price will she pay if the Procurer finds out?

A gripping crime novel and the fourth book in the Kira Brightwell series by Writers’ Journal winning author, Jacquelyn Smith (writing as Kat Irwin).


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Chapter 33


Kira sat on the couch in her pajamas, nestled in a cocoon of blankets and surrounded by discarded tissues. She had been parked there pretty much ever since her arrival a day and a half before.

When she had run out on Rob, she hadn’t known where else to go. Kori wouldn’t speak to her, and staying at her parents’ house seemed……

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