Aunt Daisy's Secret

Lizbeth Dusseau

4923 reads

A broken down old house is about to destroy an almost broken marriage, until Melanie discovers a secret in her Aunt's attic: a diary detailing a hot romantic love affair from the 1940's, with a perfect solution for Melanie's current troubles with her husband, Tony. Does she dare tell him about this shocking idea? Once Melanie has her first session across her husband's lap, she discovers that submitting to her dominant Tony satisfies a deep need & ignites her sexual passion! And it's only the beginning, as Melanie finds submitting to barebottomed discipline turns her whole life upside down!


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Chapter Fourteen-1

Chapter Fourteen

A day later, Tony came home to find Melanie again in the kitchen, no doubt working on another recipe. What's up? she said brightly. She looked up to see an odd look on his face, when she was expecting something much more peaceful. Something wrong? she asked. Not at all, he said, maintaining the inscrutable……

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