My mate is a Alpha

Marivel Frerker

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She is 17years old Mary Ann Knight from the Silver moon pack I well be 18 soon and i hope that I'll find my mate soon. John Black thinks that I will be his but he's wrong I don't want him he's been after me for two years now. I am Alpha born no one we'll control me . My wolf Storm always wants out but I can't let a lot of people see my wolf because there are only a few of us left . My parents are so over protective I only have a few close friends that know I'm a white wolf with a moon shape on my shoulder. My friends are Beth Knight her mate Tyler Snow and his sister Lilly Snow we all grew up together but Tyler is older then me and Beth and Lilly Tyler is 22 and Beth is 19 and pregnant with there pup so he's over protective of her we are all protective of all pack members. My mom is busy planning my birthday party and Lilly and Beth are taking me shopping at the mall . So I'm upstairs in my room getting ready to go with my friends to the mall hopefully I can find a dress for my party . We'll Lilly just found her dress and now they have me trying on dresses and I love this dark blue dress it's the one for me. So we go and pay for are dresses and in walks this guy and the man is so hot I just want to kiss him but Strom keeps yelling at me telling me we need to save our shelf for our mate I hope he's at my party after all packs are invited to my party tonight is going to be.


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