Reincarnated as Magical Genius


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As soon as he had awoken, Andrew Lane had sensed that something strange had happened but he could never, not even in his wildest dreams, have imagined that something as strange as this could have happened!

The Infinite World appeared to have become a reality!

Everything seemed so real!

A bunch of data appearing in the real world was not so terrible. What he found really scary was that he himself appeared to have become a bunch of data. It was like the plot from a sci-fi horror film.

Unexpectedly transported into an unknown world as his alt account character, the wizard, not only does Andrew find himself a master of all the essential life skills, but also a magical genius…


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30 Andrew’s Breakthrough

After the fight between Old Merlin and Gurian, the Merlin family seemed to suddenly quieten. It was also quiet on the potions front, with no new potions being announced.


Word of Andrew’s identity as the pharmacist had spread like wildfire. By now, virtually everyone in the city knew of this and marveled at his level of mas……

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