The Alpha and The Rogue

Jasmine Scott

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Venus Griffin has gone through a lot during her seventeen years of existence. A tragic death in her family forced her to become a rogue at such a young age. After being on her own for such a long period of time, she's learned how to become a strong independent woman. She doesn't need a mate to hold her to one spot. What happens when she visits a pack and finds out the sexy and possessive soon-to-be alpha is her mate? Will she accept him and the responsibilities of luna? Or will she reject him and never turn back?


Hunter McCormick is not used to being told no. As the alpha's son he's always gotten what he's wanted; cars, grades, friends, and girls. All that is about to change when his father tells him that he can't receive the alpha title until he meets his mate. At eighteen, the title should belong to him with or without a luna by his side. He doesn't get it when he's told that he's not mature or responsible enough yet. Hunter thinks that he can have everything he wants once again when he meets his mate. It isn't until he meets Venus that he realizes he couldn't be more wrong about that. What will he do when she challenges him? And how can he get her to fall in love with him as a mate should?


Tags: FantasyRomanceWerewolfAlphaPossessive
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Venus POV

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Said our officiate.

Hunter pulled me flush up against him and cupped my face in his hands. Then he closed the gap and passionately kissed me.

The audience cheered for us because Hunter and I are now officially the leaders of the pack.

The thought of……

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