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Six hours. That’s all it takes for the mysterious R12 virus to turn people into mindless, bloodthirsty mutants. But what if the new virus could be controlled? What if an elite group could harness its powers to become faster, stronger, and smarter—the perfect killing machines?
As entire cities crumble into wastelands, Aldrich has to risk everything—including his own humanity—to save the world. Is it possible to become a mutant without turning into a monster?


Tags: ActionAdventureDarkZombieDoomsdayBxG
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43: Death

Douglas looked down at the body on the ground. Rigor mortis hadn’t even set in, and the mouth hung open in a limp, silent scream. He jabbed the tip of his rifle into the forehead and squeezed the trigger, closing his eyes as he did so. When he pulled the gun away, a dark, glistening hole marked the body’s young forehead.

He looked at t……

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