Me,cat and Superpower


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The earth shook and the sky burned; a blazing, tumbling ball of glassy rock-carved a white-hot scar through the night sky. Below, superpowers were scattered throughout the world. Not in humans, but in cats. Meanwhile, Jake finds that he can talk to cats and share their superpower.
"Stupid Jake, you can't stop me from playing HearthStone anymore! I can time stop now! Meow!"
"Stupid Bacon, we share the superpower, and I will stop giving you the allowance!"


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121 Brad Pitt in Saucecave

On the other side, Jake was still busy preparing for the cat night.

Except for the flyers sent out every day,  every guest would also be informed about the cat night.

The effect of illusion could only be maintained in the store, and once someone took a picture and took it out of the cafe, it would also have an impact, so Jake sp……

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