Me,cat and Superpower


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The earth shook and the sky burned; a blazing, tumbling ball of glassy rock-carved a white-hot scar through the night sky. Below, superpowers were scattered throughout the world. Not in humans, but in cats. Meanwhile, Jake finds that he can talk to cats and share their superpower.
"Stupid Jake, you can't stop me from playing HearthStone anymore! I can time stop now! Meow!"
"Stupid Bacon, we share the superpower, and I will stop giving you the allowance!"


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 "Don't call me an idiot." Jake said, "Call me god. And with your ability, it's more than enough to complete this task."

 "Okay, just kill him, right?" As the leader of the five super-cats, Ares came out first, and then,  with the grasp of the palm, he launched the power of excluding the field directly and turned into on……

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