Me,cat and Superpower


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The earth shook and the sky burned; a blazing, tumbling ball of glassy rock-carved a white-hot scar through the night sky. Below, superpowers were scattered throughout the world. Not in humans, but in cats. Meanwhile, Jake finds that he can talk to cats and share their superpower.
"Stupid Jake, you can't stop me from playing HearthStone anymore! I can time stop now! Meow!"
"Stupid Bacon, we share the superpower, and I will stop giving you the allowance!"


Latest Updated
72 Bath(1)

In the original task panel, the task of opening the store within three months had been completed.

After the mission was completed, Jake also received 30 EP, as well as the opening of the Diamond Hall.

The Diamond Hall is the same as the taskbar page in the past, a part that cannot be opened.

But this time after this mission……

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