Me,cat and Superpower


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The earth shook and the sky burned; a blazing, tumbling ball of glassy rock-carved a white-hot scar through the night sky. Below, superpowers were scattered throughout the world. Not in humans, but in cats. Meanwhile, Jake finds that he can talk to cats and share their superpower.
"Stupid Jake, you can't stop me from playing HearthStone anymore! I can time stop now! Meow!"
"Stupid Bacon, we share the superpower, and I will stop giving you the allowance!"


Latest Updated
149 Tasks and Processing

After Ronald died before, the task of stealing cats on the task panel had been shown to complete, providing Jake with 300 * 2 EP, making his BOOK become Lv3 (1732/2000).

But at this moment, just as Jake was taking the super cats, the task panel was updated again.


Sub-line missions: Super Cats also need the correct……

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