Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout

M. L. Buchman

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-a Firehawks Lookouts romance story-

Life’s deeper purpose eludes Tom Cunningham, and its lesser purpose too. Leaving behind Seattle, his job, and a near endless supply of easy women, he grabs adventure and spends a summer in the Montana wilderness —looking for wildfires and also for himself.

Done with her military service, Patty Dale enters the wilderness to pursue her life’s dream—to hunt gray wolves with a camera and a notebook.

They both find far more than they bargained for when there’s Fire at Gray Wolf Lookout.


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As Macy Tyler prepared for it, she regretted saying yes to a date with Brett Harrison. She regretted not breaking the date the second after she’d made it. And she hoped that by the time the evening with Brett Harrison was over she wouldn’t regret not dying of some exotic Peruvian parrot flu earlier in the day.

Just because they’d both l……

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