They'd Most Certainly Be Flying

M. L. Buchman

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-an Oregon Firebirds romance story-
The Oregon Firebirds are the very best at one thing—saving homes.

Stacy Richardson flies beside the memory of her brother to honor his past and escape hers.

Curt Williams’ fears are entirely about the future of his brand new company.

He planned for every contingency, except for his sister hiring the captivating Stacy to fly for their Oregon Firebirds. Now a fire burns in more than the trees, it scorches him straight to the heart.


Tags: firefighter
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Chapter 13

Stacy couldn’t believe it. How could something so good become so screwed up in a single week? By the time they left the fire in Prineville, Curt had been growing distant. Jasper, of course, picked up on it right away and began avoiding her as well. Between one moment and the next, she’d become the rotting jellyfish on the beach.

Back at ……

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