Trek This

Robert Jeschonek

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Seven stars of a science fiction universe warp through twisted changes on the final frontier. Driven by forces they can't understand, the magnificent spacefaring Seven charge through bizarre transformations and battles beyond imagining. Each victory leads to fresh conflict, but the truth remains out of reach. With no memories of the past, how can the Seven recall their true identities? Only a mischievous, all-powerful being from beyond the stars seems to hold the answers. But will his amazing revelations open the gateway to illumination...or death? The power of the Seven may hold the ultimate key to an uncharted destiny that lies beyond the bounds of space, time, and reality itself. Within this destiny waits a tribute to all generations of treks past and future and the dreamers who bring them to life in our imaginations.


Tags: adventureStartrek
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When Nalo led the team into one of the soaring towers, Jalila gazed upward...and realized that her view was unobstructed by even the tinted, transparent walls and ceilings that honeycombed other buildings. She could see all the way from ground level to the distant pinnacle, seemingly a mile above. It was all one vast cathedral, walled in light……

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