Together Atop Sapphire Lookout

M. L. Buchman

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-a Firehawks Lookout romance story-

Just before Danny Chay’s life runs completely down the drain, an old friend bails his sorry self. Bails him off the street and onto the 3,000-mile long Continental Divide Trail. What’s up with that?

Lexi Forrester needs a change. A summer as a fire lookout lies blissfully far away from her law-office past that she loses herself.


Tags: second chance
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From less than a hundred feet away, he looked straight into the face of a beautiful helicopter pilot.

If there were moments he was never going to forget, the next three seconds were clogged with them.

The pilot sat almost fully exposed by the curved windshield of the helicopter. Gorgeous. Her straight black hair fell past her sho……

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