J.M. Snyder

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Hartley and his sister are cervidae, human in form with deer-like features. They're coming home from a late movie and only have a few moments before midnight strikes. When the Hunt starts. Hartley knows he's tempting fate and urges Giselle to run. Almost silent in the darkness, a pair of felidae -- half-human, half-lion -- stalk their prey. The lioness, Leanna, chases after Hartley, closing in for the kill, while her cousin Tau races behind her, eager to catch the buck first. But something more than bloodlust runs through his veins tonight. He's hungry for Hartley, yes, but Tau desires him for more than just a quick meal. He wants to claim the buck as his own. Can the shadowed alleys of downtown Richmond hide this forbidden animal attraction?


Tags: bxbbisexual
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Chapter 2-5

It’s almost quarter to one by the time Tau navigates the dark, tree-lined streets to lead Hartley home. The buck walks behind him, so close Tau can feel the quick flutter of Hartley’s breath ruffle the back of his mane. Tau’s tail is caught tight in Hartley’s hand, which encircles it where it exits Tau’s pants. The way his fingers are curled lik……

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