Cowboy Lullaby

Lisa Gray

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"Horses, a sympathetic ear, or a good night’s sleep. Cole Woodruff, owner of the Lazy W Dude Ranch, supplies whatever his guests need. But when Jack Harmon arrives, Cole’s own desires clamor to be met. Should he risk the ranch to satisfy what might be nothing more than an itch? And even if Jack turns out to be that special man Cole’s yearned for, is it right to move forward when a vulnerable child is involved?

Not long ago, Jack was awarded custody of his son Alex after the sudden death of the boy’s mother. Out on the road for all of his son’s life, what does he know about being a dad? Sleepless nights spent worrying have worn Jack to a raw nerve.

Visiting the dude ranch with Alex, Jack delights in Cole's friendship. And the way Cole’s warm, wonderful voice is so soothing, it cradles Jack to sleep whenever they’re together. Jack aches to spend every night dreaming in the big cowboy's arms.

But can a lullaby last forever? Or will the dream fade when morning comes?"


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Chapter 11-2

Something warm tickled Cole’s cheek. He opened his eyes just in time for Diogenes to snort his impatience. Wiping his face, Cole murmured, “Okay, okay, I deserved that.” He shook Jack’s shoulder and said, “Time to wake up. The horses want to get home.”

Jack looked up at the horse above him and shuddered. Rolling over, he groaned, “Alread……

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