Aunt Daisy’s Funeral

Terry O'Reilly

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"Danny Foley is about to attend his Aunt Daisy’s funeral alone and with a heavy heart. He’s lost his rock and protector, the only member of his dysfunctional family who’d believed he was destined to find the love of a good man.

Danny is so starved for male affection, he fantasizes about being with a muscular young man in a rest stop bathroom, his niece’s handsome fiancé, the brawny waiter at a restaurant, the stud lawyer reading Aunt Daisy’s will. But they remain only fantasies.

But even though she’s passed on, Aunt Daisy just may be able to turn fantasy into reality for her favorite nephew."


Tags: bxbgayoffice/work place
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Chapter 6

On the drive back to the church, Danny’s mind wandered. He’d never suspected he’d be the recipient of such a sizable inheritance. He also thought about Lance. Would he ever find a man as handsome and nice as the financial planner? As a result, Danny made two wrong turns, had to back track, and twice had drivers behind him sound their horns when ……

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