Casanova H.S

Tessa Marlen

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Everybody has heard of him, Casanova. Famous for his charm that can make any girl beg him to be hers, and he is, for one night. He gives them pleasure beyond imagine but is always gone before sunrise.

But what happens when he crosses paths with Mira Mcallister, who is against everything he stands for. Will his view of things change, or will he change hers? And most importantly will he be able to stay with the same girl more than one night?

"There is nothing wrong with wanting a moment that lasts for a lifetime, is there?"


Tags: FantasyHumorRomanceBad-boySex
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Chapter Ten

"I had fun tonight," I tell Harry as soon as we reach the door to my house.

"I did too. I am very glad you agreed to come with me." He smiles down at me, and I give him a big smile back. He takes a step closer. Now standing so close I can feel his breath fan over my face. It smells like mint, making his mouth even more attractive.


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