Unexpected Marriage


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They got married in unexpected way to cover up the mistake they didn't even remember what exactly happened. Jayden Nelson, a popular hot guy in the campus secretly married to the nerd girl, Kaytlyn Jones who came from a noble family, the Jones. They didn't tell anyone else about their marriage, only both of their families know about it. Follow their story on how their love finally blossom and the biggest conflicts which they will face in future.


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Chapter 2

《Kaytlyn Jones》

"Are you going to give those to Jayden?" Ivy asked in confused while watching me packing some medicines and bandages into a small lavender bag.

I nod once, "Yes."

She knits her eyebrow, "What’s for?"

"Because he got hurt for saving me from the fox....*the memory of that night flashes in my mind*...……

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