With You

Zeba Ali

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The night.
It holds so many meanings, different for everyone.
For Ryan Ahmed, it howled. It always made him restless; giving him memories of his cruel past, uncertain future.
For Zarah Khan, it shined. It soothed her to no amount, because that was the time when she could remember her Lord and thank him for everything she had.

Two personalities, apart from each other in every aspect. What will happen when their destinies collide, leaving both of them stuck?


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The sun had hidden itself in its thin veil, preparing to set for the time being. The birds were chirping across the whole garden making the place serene and calm. The cold air whiffed on her cheeks as she turned the page of her book to reach the end of thriller she had gotten from the library while coming back to home.

Zarah loo……

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