Being The Playboy's Mistress.


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" Oh, I so knew it you'll come to me again "... He who was sitting in her cabin, burning her picture.

She breathed slowly, still maintaining a serene face watching him hurt her so deeply. It was her chair, her company, her love, but unfortunately somebody else who wanted her to suffer.

" You insulted me in public, you played my sex video on my engagement day, what else you want from me now? ".... She shouted, throwing the paperweight on his chest.

"Come straight to the point, what do you want from meeee? ".... Sarah asked, throwing the pile of pictures of them those were kept on the table which he has presented to show her.

Swinging his chair, he smirked checking her from top to bottom with nasty glares while he straightly announces. " I WANT YOU. I want you, back as my mistress, back as my slave.".... Her eyes welled up at the same time. " You give me your body, and I will give you back your company."

She gasped as his fingers brushed her lips, thus giving rise to the divine pleasure which she has buried deep down her heart. " Tell me, Sarah, if you want your company then you'll have to give me something in return. You know well, nothing in this world comes for free not at least the things I hold. So tell me, what's your answer? "....
He smirkingly waited for her answer; he was damn sure it's going to be a BIG YES from her side.

Sucking in a deep breath, she looked into his eyes as she began. " I ------ "


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Chapter 53


In the evening, 

Outside the St. Mary's church, 

The distant noise of the reporters and the flashes of camera hit my ears while I sat in the car with my brides maid. 

I just reached the church where Rigo was waiting for me. "Hey, Sarah.……

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