My Life at the End of this World

Olivia Holaday

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In the tenth year of the last days, I am still alive. However, I find myself mysteriously pregnant. Eventually, I give birth to a little monster. I will let it live. But, only if he behaves…
“Put that down!”
“You aren’t behaving. I am going to have to rethink my decision.” (I lift up my machete)
“I’ll put it down…Mom…better?”

He is not only a monster,he is my son and....
-my salvation 
at this lonely world 


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Chapter 151 Explaining Animals

The weather is cold, and I am also impatient to stir-fry vegetables, which is troublesome and the dishes are quick to become cold. Therefore, I take out a hot pot, divided in two parts, to stew on the small stovetop. Sky and I eat meat in the left part of the pot, and Lambert eats the stewed vegetables on the right part.



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