Before I turn 17


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Mathew Morris, a typical teenager was going through some usual life traumas . But things changes , when one day he finds an old diary containing secrets , letters and enchanted hopes . Mathew starts investigating to unveil the horrifying the truth with the help of the diary facing enormous challenges , risking lives . But he didn't know that all along the truth was actually in front of him . All had to do was just surrender to his cruel fate.


Tags: AdventureHorrorMysteryThrillerDark
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Chapter VII

I wake up to see the sunlight falling over my head as my hair gleam like a sunball. To switch on my energy meter I freshen up. Changing into a red dress, I head the living room. Mama was making the breakfast and papa was reading the newspaper. I warily walk towards his position as I hid creeping behind him. Out of surprise, I throw my hands aro……

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