Give Him A Condom [complete]


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Straight-A law student Jennifer dressed herself up meticulously. She put on a white dress, planning to go to the party to lose her virginity to playboy Steven Faulkner. It was love at first sight for Jennifer when she saw him. But she never expected Steven to drug her and take her virginity while she was unconscious. He even had the audacity to call her a “flat tire” afterwards...
Jennifer was deceived.

To clear her head over the holidays, she decided to work at the bar of her best friend, Eric Clerk. Here, she met David Blacksmith, who’s tall, handsome and sexy. David was totally different from Steven Faulkner, but Jennifer believed that he was her true love.

Whereas, David was widely known as one of the most difficult men in the world…


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Chapter 93 All Good

Later, Eric started liking men, and Jennifer began chasing after Steven.

One day, she called him for a request. “Eric, do you have condoms?”


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