Letters from the Future[GxG]

Isabelle Sweet

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After a quarrel with Elizabeth White, Jenny DeHaven received an email, "I'm from the future world and have something to tell you." It said, "Elizabeth White will be your girlfriend soon."
Jenny dismissed this idea, "That's impossible!"

She thought the email was someone making a bit of mischief...until she saw Elizabeth getting in a man’s car…

And since she had started getting those weird emails, her life had changed, and had been filled with ups and downs, breakups, a promotion, and a new girlfriend...


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Chapter140 How to Make a Friend?

After finishing the speech, Elizabeth looked for Jenney from the first row and wanted to make eye contact with her, but Jenney was talking with Isabelle, smiling, and didn’t even see her…

Then the senior managers needed to talk one by one. This was the first big meeting after the festival, so Jenney also had to make a speech. Jenney di……

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