You are Mine( Once She Claimed by Him) completed

Anam Azam

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A girl who's living a happy fun life with her friends and family. One fine day her encounter happened with New York's Billionaire boy, after a small meeting her whole life changed forever. Imagine all of sudden someone kidnapped you, the one whom you don't know much. Took you Far from your beloved ones, your friends left behind somewhere. And no way to escape.
“Leave me asshole” Her Scream touched each corner of the room but the man himself stood quite in front of her grabbing both of her  hands with a sinful smirk on his face. “Never sweet heart coz, you are Mine.”
 What she's doing when came to know she claimed by a Billionaire?

Read to know.... and if you find it good so support me as a author.
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Tags: billionairepossessivearrogantdominantdramabxg
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