love You Accidentally


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One man, who just wanted to be himself, was doomed to love her, but she did not belong to him……
When Joy was 19 years old, she walked out from Jonathan’s room in that misty early morning with messy clothes, Jorge also lost his virginity 12 hours later……
It seemed that Jorge’s silent life was always later than Jonathan’s in birth and love.
However, this time he was unwilling to be late…
Just for this, an irretrievable mistake had been made.
Who would be the real marauder five years later? A long-planned plot completely disintegrated the frail wedding.
But this time, who lost his heart in the past?……


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The hospital was quiet until he had arrived. Her wound on her wrist was so deep that he knew what the result would be. The black ceiling and an anxious face came into her sight when she woke up on the ward.

“No! No! No! I won’t touch you anymore! I will let you go when you recover!” Lehman said flustered.

“Miss, you have a good boyfr……

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