love You Accidentally


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Joy was looking forward to her perfect wedding and spending the rest of her life with Jonathan, the man she had loved for years. Unfortunately, everything changed thanks to Jorge, Jonathan’s twin brother. He killed Jonathan and forced her to marry him instead! Joy would never forgive him!

However, Joy was unaware that it had all been a lie! Jorge had discovered that Jonathan would not show up to the wedding; he had run away. So, Jorge decided to cover up for him and take his place. “This is my precious opportunity,” Jorge thought.

Yes, Joy was not the only who was madly in love...


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The hospital was quiet until he had arrived. Her wound on her wrist was so deep that he knew what the result would be. The black ceiling and an anxious face came into her sight when she woke up on the ward.

“No! No! No! I won’t touch you anymore! I will let you go when you recover!” Lehman said flustered.

“Miss, you have a good boyfr……

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