The Man In Black


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Kathy Green is pregnant and the baby’s father is unknown.
That is because Kathy Green has face blindness, which makes it impossible for her to recognize the man with whom she had a one-night stand.
Her friend, who is gay, says, “Do me a favor, disguise as my pregnant girlfriend.”
Kathy, who is jobless replies, “I will not act with my unborn child.” 
Her friend says, “It’s a well-paid job with daily compensation.”
Kathy sighs and says, “Maybe we can have a talk.”
Later, her gay friend introduces Kathy to his family, he says, “This is my girlfriend, and we’re having a baby.”
The uncle of her gay friend sneers in silence.


Tags: BillionaireForbiddenPossessiveSexFamilyHELove after MarriageCEOBossDrama
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Chapter 150 Daisy Green (5)

Jason said, "This is different. Our own child is different." 


Daisy pushed him away and stood up. "Well, don't thank God, thank me. If I didn't puncture all the condoms, do you think God could help you like this?"


Jason was stunned and then overjoyed, "Really?"



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