Her Billionaire's Daughter

N Shairah

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Her story was different.

She was broken, she was left alone and without anything left since a little angel came into her life. Her daughter.

Her little angel, her everything in her every seconds and every single minute.

For her, she will do anything.
But she will never know, all of that will change...

When the little angel meet her father.


Welcome to Cardiff, sir." I added. He just smiled to me.

I have been here before, Stephanie." he replied, walking a little bit closer. My breath hitched.

I cleared my throat a little before stepping backward slowly. But then, he followed.

One step, two steps, a few steps before I stopped, we stopped, because eventually my back hit the wall, he came even closer, until our face a paper thin apart.

Nice to meet you again, love.
he said, whispering to my ears brushing his nose slightly to my jaw.

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