Whatever Happens Now

Jade Lafrance Erotica

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~~ Not for the Religious, easy offended, kids or those who are disgusted easily~~

I lost my feelings while ago, well not all of them. I still feel some, but I'm always bored. My work can barely occupy my mind these days. I miss my younger days where everything was an adventure, getting out to beat some monsters and making mass murders for no reason. Don't be mistaken about me, I'm a demon. Slaughters is our daily activities, but like I said before. I've lost interest in normal everyday stuff and not much is a challenge for me anymore. Ruling over Hell is not always fun or pact with action.


Tags: DemonHorrorHumorLGBT+Sex
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Chapter 1

"Good morning Hades." I waved to my right-hand man while entering the dining room, breakfast was already served and most of my closest friends were already here.

"Ah, good morning to the rest." I took my usual place at the end of the table and was handed a bunch of papers by Beel, short for Beelzebub. If you ask me he could've chosen a bet……

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