Braelynn Taylor

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"He of Legend."


It was his only purpose after he changed.

He craved to see them suffer, to see the life fade from their eyes. He wanted their blood on his hands, and he still does.

Only now he has one more desire.


"I know you don't understand what's happening, but this isn't your fault. They think harming you will stop me, but they're gravely mistaken. They will regret ever touching what's mine. I assure, Eden, they will pay for what they've done."

A twist on the legend/myth of the ancient Arcadian King, Lycaon.


Tags: ActionMysteryRevengeWerewolfAlpha
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He is a man of legends.

Only those who were there know the truth of what happened; those who were not know only a sliver of the details. Rumors of him go on for centuries, but they as well only tell a few things.

Most know him as Orestheus, a son of Lykaon. Soon though, he will have a new title.


He never expected he……

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