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Amy Meyer was finally turning 18, she had waited for this moment all her life, the freedom and the need to get away from her brother who was always nagging since her parents plane crash, she partied all night but all of the fun faded away the next morning as she found herself barefoot in the middle of the forest with no memories of last night, as she walked home, she found her brother lying in a pool of blood. How could she explain her brothers dead body in the living room, her life turned to a nightmare in one night, could she survive it?


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Chapter 5

Amy's POV

"Open your eyes" I heard Adrianne voice. I opened me eyes slowly, my jaw dropped at the beautiful sight my eyes were beholding, Adrianne was right, this was a real castle, it was grand and exquisite, purely beautiful, the gates were golden, I stood in awe staring at the magnificent castle.


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