Between Two Worlds

Duma Anderson

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Duma is a cheetah who lives peacefully with her wolf pack in a world galaxies away from planet Earth, called “the Oasis”. They are different from ordinary animals; they are tribal and anthromorphic warriors who train themselves and each other to defend Earth from creatures dubbed the “Outsiders”.

These monsters have suddenly increased their attacks, and the animals from the Oasis have traveled through dimensions between their world and ours to stop them. One by one, they die or disappear... and it’s up to Duma, her best friend, Thorn, and a very unlikely trio of boys to stop them.


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyMysteryRevenge
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Chapter Ten

It’s his Crystal Gifting.

I stared in awe as the light-covered boy ran towards the fox Outsider. He swung his hand again, this time connecting with it’s skull. The fox snarled angrily as it aimed a blow at Cade’s head.

It missed.

Cade immediately transformed into a black wolf. He reared up with a howl and lunged at the fox, bit……

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