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Detective Howard Black has enough on his plate: a deranged serial killer stalks the streets of London, murdering with no apparent motive, no reasoning. The Hangman. Impossible to understand and even harder to track down...

Then Howard's brother returns from a distant expedition, bringing with him an artefact that should have stayed buried, a secret that will tear him apart, along with everyone he loves...

As a new, supernatural world collides with one already shrouded in death and blood, Howard finds himself trapped between two dangerous, brutal killers, and his own deadly path.


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They held the funeral six weeks later.

It rained, of course. The sky cracked open early morning and sheets of grey and white fell through for most of the day; even as they stepped out of the church, carrying the coffin on their shoulders, it was relentless.

It was a small gathering; parents, mostly, from the school, but only those wh……

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