The Necklace: The Trial Realm

Shelby V Painter

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Malikah knows her place.
It's with the other defects in the outer rings. In her world where perfection and Unitarianism are the only options, and all who don't fit the mold live out their lives in the slums of the outer rings she's used to doing whatever it takes to survive another day. Fighting in the pits and helping out at the baker's hut has become her daily routine for so long that Malikah doesn't expect anything out of the ordinary.
But that's exactly what she gets. With her hard earned savings in hand, ready to buy her own pair of shoes she goes to the market place, but instead of shoes, a mysterious necklace seems to literally be calling to her, begging her to buy it.
She does.
And her whole life changes.
With the help of a handsome stranger and a insanely strange group of people who say she belongs with them, Malikah may just find that she doesn't know her place after all and her world, might not be the only one there is.
Thrust into adventure filled with strange creatures, Gods, betrayal, destiny, and maybe even love, Malikah must stay true to herself if she wants to not only save the world, but fulfill her destiny.


Tags: CultDarkKarma/DestinyForcedKickass HeroinePowerfulWitchBxG
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Chapter Thirty Six: Hope

“What do you mean the stones have been compromised?” Raysmith’s voice is shrill and every person in the room looks pale and petrified. Even Raven has the good sense to look concerned, though he’s still eying Oliver out of the corner of his eyes.

“That’s impossible.” Tonyedda says, shaking her head and I squeeze my fist around my own stone,……

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