Dawn That Chasing

Ayeeshah Latip

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Elithia Sarswell is the illegitimate daughter of King Stratus, the ruler of all the kingdoms in the Amaritan continent. And because she doesn't have a royal blood, she was harassed and bullied by all the people in the continent, looking down on her like she's just a slave. But even so, she has a strong will and won't never let them bully her, and that's the rule stuck in her heart and mind.

And yet, one day, the angel of the Underground, Lefar, set chaos on her land and the reason why all of the people except here, died, even those who bullied her. Scared that the angel might strike again, she ran away form her homeland and went to another continent.

On her way there, obstacles will try to block her and on the other end, she will find out who she really was.


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