Death cheaters

Zyper Zen Bertulfo

99 reads

A series of short and tangled stories about Dan and Lara. Two unrelated people bound by one unique gift, foresight. In the other hand, Death, trying (unsuccessfully) to collect their souls for six years. Both Dan and Lara will be safe as long as their secret remains as that, a secret. Only a foresighter can discover the secret of the other. If this happens, Death will start playing a new game.


Tags: New AdultSuspense
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Lara and Dan stare at each other. They say nothing. Both of them understand what's happening.

Dan offers a hand to help Lara climb down the few stairs standing. Lara wouldn't usually accept help, but she's still feeling like the ground is made of jelly.

Lara still holds Dan forearm while walking by the rubble accumulated on what used……

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