Pastry Mystery: Cheesecake Mistake

Anindya Fauzia-Padma Mystery,Thriller & Crime

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Libby Vanderbilt inherits her father’s bakery store ‘Pastry Mystery’ but she has a zero cooking skill. At the beginning Libby is tempted to sell the store but she grows to love the place where her father put his blood, sweat and tears. She eventually learns cooking with the help from Toby, her father's handsome and cold-hearted apprentice. However, she has to play as an amateur sleuth when people in her surrounding dies one by one after tasting her cheesecakes.

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Tags: ChicklitMurderMysteryRomance
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Chapter Eight

“You’re free to go,” said Sheriff Curtis opening the cell where he held Libby. “But stay out of trouble. Don’t make that- that ridiculous Chinese Japanese cheesecake anymore.”

“It’s Japanese cotton cheesecake actually,” answered Libby cynically.

“Yeah, whatever. Just don’t poison people anymore. I’ll keep my eye on you,” warned Sheri……

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